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Kestrel sales director soars into new role.

Having spent more than 25 years in the building products industry, Kestrel’s new sales director Jonathan Boland has the earned experience to take on one of the top jobs in the roofline brand.

Cheshire-based Jonathan has wasted no time in getting to know all parts of the business to get a clear idea of how the fascia, cladding and soffit manufacturer works, and he admitted to being ‘very impressed’ with what he’s found.

“What became clear from the outset, is the huge amount of experience, passion and pride retained within every part of the organisation,” Jonathan said.

“From production, distribution, marketing, customer service to sales, Kestrel people are hugely personally invested in what they do.

“That is an incredibly valuable asset to have as it provides Kestrel with the firm foundations required to develop its brand and product portfolio to support and grow its existing customer base, as well as expanding into new markets.”

Father-of-one Jonathan started his career in building supplies as a schoolboy, working at a builder’s merchants in his native Northern Ireland.

“It was simply for pocket money at the time, little did I know I would end up in the industry,” he said.

After school Jonathan moved to Scotland, for university, where he stayed until an opportunity came up in building products that took him to the North West.

Two months into his new role, being able to work with such a dedicated and experienced team has helped Jonathan ease into a role that he is relishing.

“There is lots of work to do and I am really enjoying the task at hand,” he added.
“It is an exciting time to have joined the business.”

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys travelling, which is helped by being a skilled linguist, with knowledge of French, Italian, and, thanks to partner Joanna, Polish.