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Testimonials & Case Studies

Our dedicated Kestrel team always go above and beyond for our customers and our testimonials showcase exactly why you can Rely On Us

"We have four branches all over Ulster and Kestrel’s high and consistent product quality has meant that it has been very successful here, despite the very competitive market.”
Les McCracken, Managing Director of Wilplas UPVC Ltd
“Over the last 30 years, the company has earned a well deserved reputation for innovation, quality and corporate social responsibility - all qualities reflected in the Kestrel brand. Kestrel has been our exclusive supplier of PVC-UE and UPVC building products for the last five years.”
Richard Plant, Group Procurement Manager of Elan Homes (previously known as David McLean Homes)
"Our clients are more and more seeking a one stop shop and this will take us a step nearer to achieving this aim. We look forward to working with Kestrel who have been proactive in ensuring our clients get the service they expect and quality required for the home occupier."
Christine Jones, Sales & Marketing Director of Stewart Milne Timber Systems
“I’ve been in the industry for a number of years and Kestrel has a great reputation for quality, but we’ve also found the customer service to be excellent, deliveries are on time and there’s always someone to speak to when we need them.”
Boss Building Plastics, Rob Cooke
“I’ve used Kestrel for years, from the early days of being an installer myself. The quality has always been good and Kestrel products are reliable. Business has been great over the last year or two, installers and builders are booked up with jobs, so it’s up to us to make sure they are able to get the products they need, which is why the reliability of Kestrel is so important.”
Richard Barlow, Supply2Trade
“Kestrel has quality products with good guarantees and its name is recognised in the industry for reliability. They have a great range of products and colours, including anthracite grey which is very in vogue at the moment.”
Mick Scales, Frames & Fascias
“The whole feeling of the Kestrel company, the support, customer service, wide range of products and basically everything about them is just superb. The moment we started stocking their roofline products I knew this was a different class to anybody else and we’ve never looked back. They are a great company and I won’t work with anyone else.”
Peter Bennett, Home Installations