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Rely on Kayflow Gutter Balloon to Prevent Downpipe Blockages

Kestrel is expanding its Kayflow rainwater range with an innovative Gutter Balloon that keeps downpipes clear and flowing.

The Kayflow Gutter Balloon is a low-cost solution to help prevent leaves, twigs, and  debris getting into downpipes and causing blockages.

Made from polypropylene, this innovative product is designed to be flexible and fit into most gutters using a simple push-fit application.

Compatible with both square and round downpipes, the Gutter Balloon cuts down on messy maintenance keeping downpipes clear, making it an ideal addition to most rainwater systems.

The new Gutter Balloon offers installers and housebuilders a cost-effective and easy-fit solution that can be relied on to keep rainwater systems free and flowing,” said Kestrel marketing manager Alison Ratcliffe.

“Our customers can rely on Kestrel and the Kayflow range to offer a comprehensive rainwater system to stockists and customers within the house building sector.

Being able to purchase every rainwater product needed, from one place, provides our customers with both increased efficiency and peace of mind that they have bought components that will work perfectly together,” adds Alison.

For further information about Kayflow’s new Gutter Balloon and its comprehensive rainwater offering, visit www.kayflow.co.uk.