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Sapper Support launches PTSD lanyard

With 3 in 100 people estimated to suffer from PTSD, a new initiative is aiming to raise awareness of the invisible condition.

Phil Overton, general manager of Direct Cladding in Rainham, is one of those behind the project as part of his work for military veterans’ mental health charity Sapper Support.

He explained: “We have launched a PTSD Lanyard for veterans, 999 workers, and all other people affected by PTSD. The lanyard gives them a safe way to signal their need for support and to identify themselves if they ever find themselves overwhelmed when in public or at work.

“We have also launched an awareness video, which helps employers, colleagues and the general public identify the signs of distress in an individual with PTSD and offers guidance on how to help.”

The Sapper Support helpline is uniquely staffed only by those who have served in the military or emergency services. Phil explained that this feature meant that those reaching out for help can speak to someone with a direct understanding of their situation.

Set up in 2014, Sapper Support is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by 22 volunteers.

Kestrel sales and marketing director Owen Thorogood said: “It’s vital that employers and the general public understand how to help those with PTSD and I can only applaud Sapper Support for this ground-breaking initiative.

“I would urge everyone to watch the video and encourage any friends, family or staff who need it to get a lanyard to help raise awareness and break down the stigma associated with PTSD.”

To watch the video or purchase a PTSD lanyard for £2.99, go to the Sapper Support website https://sappersupport.com.

For more information on Sapper Support, contact Phil Overton at phil1260@virginmedia.com.