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Kestrel’s New Labour Saving Device

Roofline installers are reaping the benefits of using Kestrel’s Hollow Board with protective film. The leading no lead, no tin, 100% calcium organic hence more environmentally kind brand of PVC-UE and PVC-U building products, developed the product to save installers precious time on their installations.

“Our hollow board with protective film means installers don’t have to clean the hollow board of marks made during installation, such as handprints and pencil marks. They can simply install and peel off the film. No more wiping down of soffits required!

“It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it. The industry as a whole puts a protective film on everything except hollow boards. There’s no good reason for this and when we spoke to our installer customers and found they agreed, we started work on our labour saving device. And since its launch it’s proving popular because of its time saving benefits.”