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Kestrel invests in manufacturing

Leading fascia and cladding brand Kestrel is investing in manufacturing and storage at its Lincolnshire headquarters as part of its commitment to quality and reliability.

A new mixer and cooler, introduced at the end of 2022, has increased productivity and reduced energy consumption at the Scunthorpe factory.

The mixer takes raw materials to create a dry blend that’s used in the extrusion process to create the circa 800 products that make up the Kestrel range.

However, this is just part of a broader process designed to ensure product quality and reliability, according to Kestrel operations manager Scott Sinclair.

“Kestrel has one of the largest raw material storage facilities in the industry,” he said. “This has helped us to ensure continuity of supply, which has really paid off in recent years.

“When shortages have been rife in many areas, we have worked hard to ensure that Kestrel products are in good supply.”

To underline that commitment to reliability, Kestrel has a stringent quality assurance process that means the mixing plant is externally tested on a regular basis.

““The process is calibrated by UKAS certified technicians each month and everything is manufactured within an ISO9001 compliant environment to ensure that we are producing good quality products,” Scott added.

“We tell our customers ‘rely on it’ and the investment in machinery, processes, storage, and quality is all part that commitment to quality and reliability, helping us to ensure that Kestrel products are in good supply when our customers need them.”