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Top to bottom training at Kestrel

According to Owen investment in staff training is also an investment in customer satisfaction.

Owen, who joined the leading fascia and cladding brand in 2016, has wasted no time investing in staff training to ensure that everyone from managers through to telesales is constantly developing their skills.

He explained: “It sounds like a bit of a cliché to say that people are our greatest asset, but this is something I am truly passionate about and it is key to running a great business like ours.

“All our senior managers recently completed an in-depth leadership course and the external team is about to embark on an intensive customer service programme. We are also bringing in an external training company to train the internal customer services team.”

Owen, who has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution side of building materials, believes that developing staff has a big impact on customer service.

“Kestrel has a reputation for being a brand you can rely on,” said Owen. “Our customers definitely benefit from our highly skilled team and ultimately, investing in the correct training results in a more robust business.”

“The development programme leads to a more efficient and disciplined team, better management, greater product and technical knowledge as well as a more educated and structured approach to customer care. All in all, this translates into even better service for our customers.”

In recent years Kestrel has made significant investments into its Scunthorpe plant, including training, machinery, processes and technology and it’s paying off.

“Investing in training has wider reaching benefits including greater employee retention rates, staff confidence and an improved corporate culture by providing a safe place where colleagues can learn, grow and develop as team,” Owen added.