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Kestrel’s key to estimating the Wright way

Over the six years he has been in post, Kestrel estimator Mark Wright has lost count of the number of projects he has worked on for customers.

As a key member of Kestrel’s highly-regarded estimating team, his job is to help customers efficiency by helping them cost up the correct materials in the right quantities.

“I enjoy working with customers every day,” Mark said. “A complex project can be a bit like a jigsaw puzzle and really get the cogs whirring!

“These days we work with larger housebuilders estimating for large projects more and more, but those smaller, complex projects are still an important part of what we do.”

After the initial lockdown period, business has been brisk over the last year or so for Kestrel’s estimating department and the team have adapted to new ways of working.

“Working from home was a challenge at first, but we’ve really adapted to using Teams to make sure we have good levels of communication and face-to-face contact, and it has helped to keep staff safe,” Mark said.

“For me personally, as I live in Grimsby and travelled to Scunthorpe every day, working from home has cut down on travelling time, which has saved me hours in the car each week. In turn that’s given me more time to spend with my wife and seven-year-old son, so that has been a benefit.”


Outside of work Mark’s number one priority is his family, and – in this staycation-era – they enjoy exploring different parts of the UK, with Liverpool being a particular favourite.