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Kestrel strengthens customer service team

Patsy, who has 20 years’ experience in the field, was recently responsible for setting up the customer service department for the worldwide company Cash Converters.

“I worked as a customer service manager at Tesco for 15 years, as well as three years at Cash Convertors,” Patsy said.

“Customer service has always been important to Kestrel, but I want to build on that.”

Patsy has wasted no time in getting to know some of Kestrel’s regular customers by making weekly calls to check on orders and get feedback.

“Firstly I wanted to introduce myself and get to know the customers,” she said.

“Then I wanted to check they were happy with our products and service, ask their opinions and find out what we can do for them to make their lives easier.”

Patsy added that she was keen to streamline the ordering process for customers. “I have been taking the time to explain to customers when we need to receive orders and the information we need to know, all of which can prevent any confusion or problems later on.”

Sales and marketing director Simon Reynolds said: “We are delighted that Patsy has joined the team here at Kestrel. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she will be an incredible asset to the team.”

Kestrel has recently launched its latest product overview.

The full-colour catalogue includes Kestrel’s popular range of fascia, barge board, roofline and window line products, including solid colours, such as black, brown, tan, anthracite and cream, as well as white, light grain, premium grain and wood grain foils.

The new Product Overview is available from the Kestrel website www.kbp.co.uk