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Kestrel gets it white brilliantly

The formulation has been introduced to ensure even greater colour consistency across the Kestrel ranges.

Kestrel sales and marketing director Simon Reynolds said: “While any difference in brilliant white across ranges may have previously been unnoticed by the naked eye, Kestrel has built a reputation for producing consistent and high quality products across all of its ranges.

“As a company we strive to have maximum products consistency, so when technology allows us to, we always want to go one better. This latest development means that Kestrel can ensure an unprecedented consistency on brilliant white across injection moulding, co-extrusion and rigid products.”

The announcement comes shortly after Kestrel was awarded the BES6001 certification. The standard means that Kestrel products now offer greater value to house builders, delivering credits or ‘points’ under the Code for Sustainable Homes.